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באתי לגני

Basi L'Gani

Your one-stop resource for

י'-י"א שבט ה'תשפ"ד

~ שנת השבעים וארבע ~

Yud Shevat 5784

~ 74 Years ~

 מאמרי באתי לגני (ועוד) - Basi LGani Ma'amorim +

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Click the year you want -  לחץ על השנה שהנך רוצה


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Books - ספרים

המאמר  של תש"י

מבואר ע"י ר' יקותיאל גרין



English translation of the Previous Rebbe's Last Ma'amar and The Rebbe's First Ma'amar - By Rabbi Eliyahu Touger

Published By Sichos in English

ספר המאמרים באתי לגני

כל המאמרים מתש"י עד תשמ"ח

שתי כרכים - קה"ת


More Resources

An In-Depth Overview of the Basi LGani Ma'amorim, By 

A Chassidisher Derher Magazine

(click image which will open up that magazine, and scroll down to page 34-35)

Video/Audio of Basi LGani 5710 - 

By Rabbi Levi Garelik

To replay in Shul after Tefilos, as per the custom (if no one can recite it live).

Chapters 1,2 - After Ma'ariv - HERE

Chapters 3,4 - After Shachris - HERE

Chapter 5 - After Mincha - HERE

(Videos and Customs posted with permission, Courtesy of

The Rebbe's Letter

with customs for observance of the Hilula-Yartzeit


Courtesy of Chayenu


מכתב הרבי

ליו״ד שבט

עם מנהגים ליום ההילולא

Video Clips of the Rebbe's Yud Shvat Farbrengens, By JEM on (Gallery)


Mishnayos corresponding to the Frierdiker Rebbe's name, to learn on Yud Shevat -

Prepared by Yagdil Torah of Crown Heights

Fascinating video Shiur by Rabbi Levi Garelik

on Yud Shevat - Click here


Basi LGani

for Kids

with excerpts in Yiddish & English

(Click image)

basi lgani for kids.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 5.46.27 PM.png

"Sparks of Wisdom"


 - by JLI

a neat booklet with 10 quotes for discussion on Basi-LGani themes.

"קונטרס "אהני לי' שטותי' לסבא

עיונים בהסוגיא - ע"י ר' ישראל רובין

More Resources


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